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Fatima Zaidi, MS, BCBA

Meet Fatima Zaidi, a behavior analyst whose journey began over a decade ago as an ABA therapist, igniting her passion for supporting neurodivergent individuals. At the New England Center for Children, she excelled in leading teams to compassionately advocate for and teach individuals with developmental disabilities. Once she obtained her Board Certification in Behavior Analysis (BCBA), she became a Master Trainer and Curriculum Developer for a nationally recognized behavior safety training. Currently, she is a district administrator for Special Education in Silicon Valley.


In 2022, she founded Motivation Works, envisioning a future where innovative learning and behavior solutions are universally accessible, transcending boundaries, and nurturing compassion and dignity in society.

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The Lotus

Motivation Works is symbolized by a lotus flower, a bloom that represents growth, perseverance, and triumph over adversity. Just as the lotus emerges from the mud, Motivation Works envisions a future where individuals can overcome challenges and flourish.

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