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Beyond BCBA Consulting: Motivation Works Behavior Systems Transformation

In my initial role as a behavior consultant, my days were consumed by assisting teams in crafting and adhering to behavior intervention plans (BIPs). The monotony of these plans, often plagued by recurring issues, left me feeling understimulated and hopeless. Many teams struggled with specific student profiles in certain programs, expressing a desire to shift these students to different placements or Non-Public Schools. This led to far more issues as challenging behaviors didn't simply stop when a change of placement was signed after an Individualized Education Plan (IEP) meeting. That is if there was an alternative setting available at all: most were full.

In my behavior observations, I noticed the students and staff were overwhelmed, scared, and didn't know what to do. Determined to comprehend the systemic roots of this culture, I invested time in analyzing the bigger picture. This effort allowed me to identify a recurring behavior cycle contributing to the challenging environment and devise a plan to break it. Implementing targeted training and gaining buy-in from staff and administrators proved instrumental. Over time, administrators, teachers, and instructional aids actively sought my guidance to manage behavior like their trained peers. The district's culture underwent a positive transformation, fostering a more supportive environment for all.

This heightened awareness and analysis of behavior systems constitute a distinctive feature of Motivation Works services. Unlike traditional BCBA consulting, which predominantly focuses on individual behavior modification, Motivation Works transcends these limits. Our mission is to provide innovative learning and behavior solutions. We aspire to innovate entire systems, addressing root causes and reshaping the cultural fabric of educational institutions.

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Breaking Free from Conventional Limits

Traditional BCBA consulting, while valuable, tends to zero in on isolated interventions for individuals. At Motivation Works, we liberate ourselves from these constraints. Our vision involves more than modifying individual behaviors; we strive to instigate a profound transformation at the systemic level.

Cultivating Desirable Habits

Our ultimate aim is not merely to manage challenging behaviors but to cultivate desirable habits. Through a combination of targeted interventions, proactive strategies, and collaborative partnerships with educational institutions, we seek to establish an environment where positive behaviors organically flourish.

Success Stories that Speak Volumes

Motivation Works stands on a foundation of success stories that echo far beyond individual achievements. We've worked hand-in-hand with educational institutions across the United States, fostering comprehensive behavioral transformations that transcend the limits of individual modification.

Collaboration for Lasting Change

Motivation Works does not view itself as a consultant but as a collaborator in your journey toward transformative change. We don't just apply interventions; we co-create a vision for your institution, challenging the status quo, and reshaping the narrative of behavior analysis. Together, we navigate uncharted territories and craft a system where positive behaviors thrive as the new norm.

Explore a transformative journey with Motivation Works, reshaping education's cultural landscape. Ready for lasting change? Reach out for a consultation with our senior behavior analyst today and let's create a brighter future for your institution.



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